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The dream of having my personal virtual space on this planet has come true.  I am so delighted to enjoy the freedom of having my own collections and publishes presented to my friends and whoever has the interest of it. This block is reserved for short literary in the public domain.  Any resources given to me by email may have the chance of getting posted.

Musical Collection


Charles Orth's 'In a Clock Store' is the first piece that gave me the great fascination of symphonic music.   At that time I was only 14.  Now I have in mind hundreds of pieces from baroque until post-modern.
You may have interest to review my collection of musical CDs and of musical tapes (which remind me of the old days).  Beyond that I have some personal comments toward my favourites or my dislikes. 
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Selected Essays

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It may cause little trouble because the essays are in Chinese.  I have really no time to translate them into English (or are there so many readers?) but somewhere I'll put a brief introduction in English.
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